IEBS (Institute of Environmental and Behavioral Studies) is chaired by Prof. Zhang Heng, "Environmental Behavior" and "Architectural Planning" are the core of the study. "Environmental behavior" mainly focuses on the interaction between the real space environment and people in the planning and design stage. The research method is environmental behavior and psychology in Social Sciences, and is studied in a quantitative way; “Architectural planning” is a stage of rational definition before architectural design, which clarifies key values, goals and needs by exploring design issues.



In recent years, IEBS has actively expanded its international connection and maintained a close international cooperation relationship with well-known academic institutions and scholars around the world. In addition, IEBS has constantly combined theory with practice, and used its long-term research foundation and practical experience to lead students and professionals to integrate practice in the community field to create human happiness and healthy life. Achievements include: Children's physical and mental health promoting environment, friendly environment of happy life, planning and design of excellent environmental education field, etc.

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